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Re: X11R6?

Horacio Suarez wrote:
> Good morning.

That's a good afternoon here <grin>

> I'm a Red Hat and Slackware user moving to Debian.


> I have installed a Debian 1.2 from a Infomagic CD. It seems to be
> incomplete and I had a some trouble with some files.

Yes, there are often problems with the Infomagic cd's. Their 1.2 cd's
seem to be particularly troublesome.

> For example, I can only use TWM instead of Afterstep because (something)
> can't load a library. I have no idea how to fix it, dselect says that
> X11R6 and xcompact are not available.

There are some very useful HOWTO-like documents that describe how to fix
a broken installation from the 1.2 Infomagic cd. Unfortunately, I don't
remember where you can find one :-(
IIRC the main problem is that libX11.so or some lib like that is not
added to /etc/ld.so.conf. If you do just that and run ldconfig as root,
things should be in a better state already.

But if I were you, I'd upgrade to the newer X packages that are in
1.3.1, that would get you more up to date and it solves all your
problems (hopefully.) You can upgrade by hand by downloading packages
and installing them with `dpkg -i <packagename>.deb` or, if you have ppp
working, just set dselect to use the "ftp method" and point it to
ftp.debian.org or a mirror nearby you. Don't forget to put most packages
on hold before you actually start installing, because dselect will find
a lot of packages in a 1.2 installation that it will want to upgrade to
newer ones in 1.3.1. 

> I was able to find xcompat in the debian ftp site, but I don't know what
> to do with X11R6 or what it means.
> Is there is a r6base.deb o somethig like that? Where is it?

I think that it is a "virtual" package. A real package provides it. It
is either xlib6 or xbase that you want to get and install. If you look
at the Packages.gz file in /debian/stable/binary/ on the ftp archive (it
is on your cd in the same place, btw) you can verify this.


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