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Re: Show me the money Re: Donations to Debian

>>"Clint" == Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> writes:

>> A while ago we held a vote on the leadership of the project. The
>> developers strongly rejected the idea of a "Roman Senate" where all
>> decisions would be voted upon. They prefered to have an elected
>> executive and ratified me to

Clint> As did I.  However, I think it's slightly stretching the point
Clint> to claim that "we, the developers" decided something which was
Clint> an executive decision following a developer discussion with no
Clint> clear consensus.  Even more troubling, though, are the calls to
Clint> squelch dissent because of it.

	If you do not think that the discussion came to a conclusion
 (BTW, Bruce did shift from his original proposal), then the proper
 forum is debian-devel. I did not see your s=comments there. Nobody is
 squashing dissent. All we are saying that that's the way the
 developers want it. If you disagree, shift over to debian-devel and
 we shall attempt for consensus.

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