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LILO, yet again

Thank you, Mr. Schmitz.  You fixed that problem for me.  Unfortunately, now,
when it boots, it stops at LI.  Sigh.  The docs say this means that the second
stage loader failed to be executed by the first stage loader, and that is 
probably due to a geometry mismatch or move of /boot/boot.b without running the
map installer.  However, none of these occurred.  And I double checked by 
running lilo again.

Incidentally, I'm sure this has already come up here, but since I upgraded to
1.3, some of my modules don't load in the initial startup and give some sort
of "not found" error message, but load up fine by hand later on.
Paul Lange
University of Texas ECE LRC Unix Services
internet: pel@mail.utexas.edu
web: http://www.ece.utexas.edu/~pel

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