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Re: Xquake gives segmentation fault

Sergey Avvakumov <avva@hecate.fnal.gov> writes:

> Hi
> I just installed Debian 1.3.1 from Cheapbytes CD on
> a new computer (it's a Pentium 200MMX) and everything 
> works fine. I installed xquake from debian-mirror 
> (not that I relly want to have quake on this computer,
> I was just curious how faster it is than my home P90).
> But the problem is I can start quake just once and it
> works fine. If I quit it and try again, it gives segfault
> after : "writable code at ####" where #### is some address.
> If I purge xquake and reinstall it, I can again start
> it once. I didn't try to purge and reinstall quake-lib,
> because it takes long to download it with modem. Could
> anybody give me an idea about why this segfault happens?

>From what I've heard, quake is one of the programs actually using the MMX,
so it switches to it when started. However, it never switches back to FPU,
so your machine is f*cked.

Appearantly linux isn't aware of mmx, and doesn't try to do anything about it.


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