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diald hangs up 2 seconds into connect

I have been using pon/poff successfully, but I wanted to move to diald
to automate a few things.

I have, essentially, a straight install of ppp stuff (/etc/ppp/* are all
basically unchanged) along with a straight install of diald, both from a
pre-release 1.3 dist (I had tried to get diald running a while ago, but
had this same problem, then ignored it by stopping it manually on the
few occasions when I would reboot... lazy!)

So, diald runs and dials my modem, then pppd runs. 

>From the looks of things, pppd is attempting to re-open a connection
(???).  This according to the logs (I can send them to someone
interested in seeing them...)

Where should I look to debug this?  I have read the diald and ppp man
pages, but I am clearly missing the essential point...

Also, my friend is running "dcontrol" or something similarly-named that
looks cool and provides a nice diald frontend.  I saw "dctrl" but no
information whatsoever on what that is.  Any ideas there?

Thanks for any assistance.


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