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Re: Qmail ./qmail-config does not work! hard error???

At 02:55 AM 8/15/97 +0800, Dima wrote:
>>>David M wrote:
> >Hello guys,
> >
> >more surprises! ;)  Everything compiled ok but when I got to step 7 there 
> >is a hard error message when the ./qmail-config script tries to run 
> >./dnsfq hostname.  It reports hard error!
> >
> >Have any of you qmail installed on Debian?  Did you encounter this 
> >problem?  If so how to go about fixing it?
> >
> >I am also somewaht confused on the impact of installing a non-package 
> >program into the filesystem doing things manually...?
>Well, why not use the *.deb package from project/experimental then?
>Anyway, IIRC qmail-config tries to create file /var/qmail/control/me that
>on my box -- use vi and put your fqdn there. 
>(I think it's in the docs actually.)

I had the same trouble. More: If you install the .deb package, you'll have
the same error message. This package doesn't make anything special that you
cannot do  it by yourself. It runs the same scripts and install the same
directories. The only difference is that you don't need to compile the
	You can creat mannualy the following files:
	Put host.wherever.com into /var/qmail/control/me
	Put wherever.com into .../control/defaultdomain
	Put com into .../control/plusdomain
	Put host.wherever.com into .../control/locals
		If there are any other domain names that point to you,
		you will have to add them to /var/qmail/control/locals.
		You don't have to worry about aliases, i.e., domains with CNAME 		records.

		Copy /var/qmail/control/locals to /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts...
		Now qmail will refuse to accept SMTP messages except to those hosts.
		Make sure to change rcpthosts if you add hosts to locals or
	If all you want to do is toconfigure qmail mannually, your task ends here.
	But I recommend you adjust qmail-config to configure it by itself.
	Be sure if your /etc/resolv.conf are pointing to a real DNS host. Verify
it via nslookup. When I did it, it works, and qmail-config ran OK.


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