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Re: [DEBIAN] Standardization?

On Aug 10, Paul Seelig wrote
> grep@oriole.sbay.org (George Bonser) writes:
> > Uhm, I actually LIKE the idea of putting the different runlevel rc.*
> > directories under rc.d but that is just me, I guess.  Keeps /etc a
> > little less cluttered.
> And it would introduce a major new level of compatibility between RPM
> and "dpkg"! I wouldn't mind to have Debian adapt it's layout this way
> either, especially since it would make the 'alien' package conversion
> utility even more effective.

RedHat's decision to use rc.d is annoying to some because of its
departure from existing practice---I know I would hate to have to
switch between RedHat and Solaris, for instance.  Of course, I don't
have to because I use Debian, which pays attention to prior art.

If you want this sort of RedHat compatability, feel free to put the
appropriate symlinks in *your* filesystem, rather than asking everyone
to accomodate RedHat's idiosyncracies.

Don't touch that!  It's the History Eraser Button

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