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Info(no)Magic April CDROM

I have had problems install Debian with the InfoMagic April CDROM.
The package 'xlib6_3.2-1a.1.deb' and 'latex_2e-7.deb' are physically not 
there !!! I would imagine xlib6 is too important to be omitted from
the CDs. I think the worse bit is that both packages are referred to in
the Pacakages.gz files. That confused the whole installing process

I eventually, after a hugh amount of struggle, managed to figure out
that they are not actually in the CDs and that one has to ftp copies
from the Debian site. But that discovery came too late, I had to
install Slackware instead and yet another lost opportunity to introduce
Debian to new organizations! I must admit the Slackware is very easy to
install and I did not have any problem eventhough this was my first time
installing Slackware.

I have used the last 3 CD sets released by InfoMagic and if my memory
serves me right, I have encountered problems with each and every one of
them. If I were a totally new guys trying to install Debian using these
CD sets, I would probably give up and install other Linux distribution
instead; and as a matter of fact, this was what one of my colleague did
not too long ago.

Knowing how good Debian is, I don't think this type of mishap will put
me off. I wonder what other people think about this CD set ??

I have secured another chance of putting Debian onto another PC's and I
hope I wouldn't mess up this time.



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