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Re: intall hang: 'unknown pci device'

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, felmon john davis wrote:
> Greetings!
> I know this is a classic problem but I don't know how (or if) it can be
> circumvented.
> I've bought a nice new laptop and have partitioned it with win95 and
> OS/2 and thought I'd make a trio and put Linux on it. (Note: I'm not a
> _complete_ newbie to Linux - I've recompiled the kernel and futzed
> about but I'm not a veteran either; my domicile is in OS/2 land.)
> When I use my trusty bootdisk (which I made months ago for my desktop
> machine), it _hangs_ on the error:
> The system, purchased from AT-Computers (http://www.montananet.com),
> is: 
> Sager Computers Laptop (NP6287A) P166MMX PnP
> System Soft SiS-510X (6x00-05-13)
> BIOS Ver: 1.01.26 05-13 Date: 06/16/97
> Is there hope for a workaround? If I can't run Linux I have to consider
> returning the system. Probably won't return it but is that the prospect
> I'm facing?
> Can I find something in pci.h - I haven't had a chance to look on my
> desktop machine - which I could remove and still boot?
> (Oh, and I sent a message to  linux-pcisupport@cao-vlsi.ibp.fr.)
> I'd _really_ appreciate some help.

You are better off asking this question in comp.os.linux.hardware.

I'm wondering if this the same problem as Compaq Deskpros have.
Apparently the BIOs on those machines place the PCI information somewhere
where Linux can't get to it.  The solution was to run a DOS program Compaq
provides called MOVEPCI before starting Linux.  This program is probably
highly machine-specific so won't work on your non-compaq machine but it
might be worth asking Sager if they have something similiar.

 -- Jaldhar 

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