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Re: fetchmail problem?

On Jul 28, Joey Hess wrote

> I think you need to replace "%M %N" with "%{%b %d}" and it'll work as you
> expected. At least, I had to make this change to my hdr_format. I don't
> include the date in my attributions, but I expect that uses the same escape
> sequences.

Well as you can see - that fixes it :-)  Where is the %b bit documented,
I searched the entire documentation and manpage, but the only reference I
saw was in Pine.rc:

# PINE has different defaults for this variables
set hdr_format="%Z %3C %{%b %d} %-19.19L (%5c) %s"

One thing I don't like about mutt is it's poor documenation (it's mostly
there, just a bit incomplete and/or out-of-date or conflicting).

Thanks again


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