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Re: fetchmail problem?

On Jul 28, Adrian Bridgett wrote
> On Jul 28, Joey Hess wrote
> > I think you need to replace "%M %N" with "%{%b %d}" and it'll work as you
> > expected. At least, I had to make this change to my hdr_format. I don't
> > include the date in my attributions, but I expect that uses the same escape
> > sequences.
> Well as you can see - that fixes it :-)  Where is the %b bit documented,
> I searched the entire documentation and manpage, but the only reference I
> saw was in Pine.rc:

Well to answer my own question, it is in the strftime manpage and is
stated in the mutt manual. BTW my above comments about the state of the
manual is from when I first installed mutt (about 0.73 I think).


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