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Re: kernel compilation problem

mfrattola@mail.enjoy.it wrote:
> > After intalling, the system is OK (I think).
> >
> > Today I recompile the kernel 2.0.29 and here is when problems arose:
> >
> > When I boot whith new kernel, I see that during booting procces the
> > kernel try setup my NE2000 network card TWO TIMES: the frist one they
> > setup OK, but the second one it say me that it don't found the NE2000
> > network card. why? what can I do to solve it?
> If I understand it, you're probably still loading ne module on boot, which is
> wrong since you compiled it into the kernel. Take a look in /etc/modules or in
> /etc/conf.modules (I don't remeber which one) and see if it names ne. If so,
> comment it (append a # at the beginning of the line). That should fix it (or so
> I hope :)

Yes, I do it...and it works now.

But I think that is an fail in the way of making the new kernel. I think
that, when one user insert one driver into the kernel, the compilatiion
process must check modules that was loading before and remove it (from
/etc/modules) to avoid their loading when the user boots whith new

What do you think about?


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