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Re: Reading news offline

On Jul 20, Stig Sandbeck Mathisen wrote
> >>>>> "JC" == Jason Costomiris <jcostom@sjis.com> writes:
> Ok, I just follow the suck man page, but I must admit I haven't gotten
> it to work yet.

No wonder. suck's manpage was a mess when I last looked at it about
a month ago.

>  Suck transfers some articles from the server, and
> makes a batchfile for innxmit, but innxmit wants to read from
> /var/spool/news/out.going, which seems to be for articles headed the
> other way. (I have to work on that too, but first read, then post :)

First of all, out.going should be correct. You see, you are not doing
it the orthodox INN way when using suck+innxmit. In normal operation,
INN spools outgoing news in out.going.  innxmit then reads out.going
when transmitting the news to another server.  Now, suck pretends that
the articles it gives to innxmit are from your server (hence
out.going) and innxmit thinks it is feeding some other server. In
reality, however, it is the other way around, but this arrangement
keeps innxmit happy.

If I remember correctly, however, there will one problem if you try to
feed your own server with innxmit -- I know that suck docs recommend
it, but then again, IMNSHO suck's documentation sucks. You'd have to
setup INN so that incoming NNTP from your box to your box would be
treated like a feed, not like a reader connection. The impact is that
you couldn't use NNTP to access your server without installing the
reference implementation of the protocol -- although if you are
planning to access the spool directly, this won't matter.

If you want to stick with INN+suck, try to feed using rnews -- see suck

> Does anyone else use suck+inn to get news offline, in that case I
> would be happy if anyone could drop me a hint on how.  (If anyone uses
> something else to do that, I would be happy to hear about that as
> well... :)

Well, I used a fortnight to set up my offline news, mainly trying in
vain the other possibilities -- my current setup was easily set
up. INN was too heavy for my bittybox and the suck manpage -- Have I
not told you yet? -- sucks. I tried several combinations, but
eventually settled to Cnews with NewsX. Both are easier to configure
than their counterparts. IMHO, INNs place is in the backbones, it is
rather heavy for a leaf site like yours and mine.

The only problem is that NewsX doesn't have killfile capability in the
style of suck, but that is not a problem for me. I can use the killfile
capabilities in the reading agents, and a killfile in this end of a
phone line couldn't have done anything to lessen the impact of the recent
(current?) DoS attack on several international newsgroups.

You could also try Leafnode. I hear it is a zero-maintenance package.


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