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Total Newbie partition question

I've read the HOWTO's and some other info, but it seems that this topic
is sort of glossed over, and I have never really understood exactly what
to do, so I wonder if someone could give me the total newbie answer to
this question:

What to I do with extended and logical partitions when I have three
physical paritions on my drive already?

In other words, I have hda1,hda2,hda3, and I would like to add more than
hda4.  Assuming I am using fdisk, how to I properly add the logical
partitions?  Do I make the remaining drive space an extended partition
and then add logical paritions there?  Am I mixing up the terms?

I most likely missed the sentence or two that describes this, so if this
information is in some obvious place, forgive me (and please point me at
it...).  I sheepishly tried adding an extended partition, but I wasn't
exactly sure where to go, so I backed out and didn't write the disk.


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