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Re: rxvt ignores x resource settings?

Joey Hess wrote:
> Colin R. Telmer:
> > I had this problem a while ago and figured out a hack for it (although
> > this is weird) for an old version of rxvt. If I put a symlink in my home
> > directory as follows, it reads the resources fine:
> >
> > .Xdefaults -> .Xresources
> >
> > However, strangely enough, I removed this symlink yesterday and it seemed
> > to like .Xresources. The version I am running currently is also 2.20-4. So
> > Iam really not offering a solution unfortunately, but it may help in the
> > interim. Cheers.
> Nope, that's not it. xrdb is sucessfully reading in my .Xresources file, and
> setting the Rxvt* entries, rxvt is just ignoring them.
> [joey@kite] ~>xrdb -query |grep Rxvt
> Rxvt*background:        black
> Rxvt*colorBD:   yellow
> Rxvt*font:      fixed
> Rxvt*foreground:        white
> Rxvt*geometry:  80x28
> Rxvt*scrollBar: false
> If I were having your problem, none of the other settings in my .Xresources
> file would work, but they do -- just not rxvt's settings.

You're mistaken. The other settings *would* work. As you know, rxvt
is supposed to be a *lightweight* alternative to xterm. For some
reason, when you compile rxvt there's an option to use "real" resources
or to use a built-in resource getting function (which will only read
from a file and that file must be .Xdefaults). Check with the package
maintainer to verify which option was chosen.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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