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Re: Xdm

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, David Kohel wrote:

> I'm trying out a switch to Debian after using Slackware for 
> years on various computers.  I've found several "obstacles" 
> for which I hope someone has a solution.
> Running xdm, I find that it doesn't verify passwords.  I have 
> to telnet to the machine and kill the xdm process.  I suspect
> that the problem may have to do with the configuration of 
> shadow passwords.

If it is the shadow problem, that can be fixed by running 
shadowconfig off
shadowconfig on

> Is there a color_xterm package for Debian?  

The regular xterm support color now.  You might have to set the TERM
variable to color-xterm though.

> Any suggestions for installing netscape? -- I gave a half-hearted 
> attempt under dselect but found conflicts, resolved by removing 
> netscape.

What type of conflict problems?


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