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Re: Netscape uses SOCKS host for local servers

> Subject: Re: Netscape uses SOCKS host for local servers
> Kirk Hilliard wrote:
> How do I get Netscape to not use a SOCKS host for machines in my local
> domain?
> I am running "Mozilla/3.01Gold (X11; I; Linux 2.0.27 i586)" on my
> Debian 1.2 box, which is on a network behind a (SOCKS 4) firewall.
> After I set "Options/Network Preferences/Proxies" to "Manual Proxy
> Configuration" and filled in the "SOCKS Host" field it had no problems
> getting through to the outside world.  However, it goes through the
> SOCKS host even to contact local http servers.  (This is a problem
> because the SOCKS host is in a different building to which I am
> connected with only 10Kbps pipe.)  I set the "No Proxy for" field to
> the local domain name but this had no effect.
> "Mozilla/3.0Gold (WinNT; 1)", similarly set up to use the SOCKS host,
> connects to local http servers directly, even without an entry in the
> "No Proxy for" field.

Jens B. Jorgensen replied:
> If the net you want to be local is, say,, (class-C) then
> in the "No Proxy for" field put '192.168.2.'. Get the idea?


Thanks, for the help, but I have tried both this (with and without the
third dot) and putting the full four byte dotted IP address for the
server in the field, and it connects but still goes through the SOCKS
host.  Does this actually work for you?  (One way to find out is to
use a CGI script which prints out $REMOTE_HOST.)  If so, what version
of netscape are you using?

I have also tried the symbolic address both for the local net and for
the server, and all of the above followed by :80 (the port number),
all to no avail.  Any hints?


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