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Smail and spammers

Is there any way I can disable spammers from using my smail server to
distribute spam?

>From the logs it appears that someone is sending mail from a
compuserve account that then propagates into a large batch of mails to
address all over the world.

The original post from compuserve and the resultong hundreds of
outgoings all have the same ID. Is this due to BSMTP?

If I add a 


to the pipe: section of the transports file will I break anything?

Is there some way that I can restrict use of the "|" thingy to local
users only? ie mail that originates on the server, as against mail
from outside (that is compuserve)?

Is there a resource out on the Internet that will point me in the
right direction?

Wot a lot of questions!

John Foster

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