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Re: file system tools for dos

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, David B. Teague wrote:

> Paolo:
> I already have the ext2tool, it LOOKS wonderful but it has some serious
> problems with SCSI drives.  And It doesn't talk to more than the second
> drive on a controller.
>From what I know ext2tool only can see the first ext2 partition in the
same disk that you have ext2tool.

> I have a VL bus 486 dx2/66 16 MB RAM 2840 SCSI controller with a 150 MB
> Microp 1674 (Win 3.1, Dos6) , a Seagate ST3655N 540 MB (Win 95), and a
> Fujitsu M1606S 1 Gig (Linux ext2) and a EZ 135 removable - various.
My machine is a dx2/66, 16 MB of RAM, a SCSI controller and 3 hard disk.
The first disk, a 1.08 GB Quantum has OS/2 boot manager (Debian should
have one), Dos6.22 + WFWG 3.11 (primary partition), Windows95 (primary
partition), Os/2 (logical drive in the extended partition) and Debian (4
logical drives in the extended partition).

The second disk has OS/2 boot manager, Dos6.22 and Windows 3.1 (primary
partition) and a extended ext2 partition (only for data).

The third disk as OS/2 boot manager and NT 3.51.

I install ext2tools on the first and second disk (both with dos). ext2tool
of the first disk can't see any ext2 file system. If a boot from the
second disk ext2tool only see the ext2 file system of this second disk.

The reason why I have in all disks OS/2 boot manager and several OS, is
that my work it's related with data acquisition and control in several
platforms (including mac). With OS/2 boot manager I can select whitch OS I


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