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Re: Setting up news

On Jun 8, Rob Browning wrote
> "Tim O'Brien" <tjobrien@Traveller.COM> writes:
> > I'm trying to set up a news server on my LAN. I have IPmasquerading running
> > to allow the other computers access to the Internet through one 28.8 modem
> > and a standard PPP account, as well as diald for demand dialing at night
> > and constant connection during the day. 
> leafnode might be worth considering.  It behaves like a pre-fetching
> news cache, and supports posting as well.

Would you mind to give an explanation how I can post with leafnode?
It is not documented at all, and there are weired dependencies with trn and
inews, that I don't understand at all.

I feel like watching news on television, and my questions number more and


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