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Setting up news

I'm trying to set up a news server on my LAN. I have IPmasquerading running
to allow the other computers access to the Internet through one 28.8 modem
and a standard PPP account, as well as diald for demand dialing at night
and constant connection during the day. 

Here's what I'm trying to do: 

I want to use suck and a news server (which one?) to run a server that will
update itself at night, when the bandwidth demand on the system is lowest. 

Here's the questions I've yet to answer: 

1. Which news server should I use? This is a small network of about 10
machines, most of them Winbloze95 but a few Linux.

2. Since I have 'normal' access to the NNTP server, suck is the program
I'll need to collect news, right? 

3. How would I get the new posts onto the ISP's "real" news server for

4. Is there any documentation anywhere that explains explicitly how to do
this? I've tried my books (running Linux and Linux Secrets), but they (and
the howto) focus on a Slackware installation. How do I do it with Debian? 

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading my long-winded post. Any and
all help would be greatly appreciated. 

Tim O'Brien
Linux 2.0.6 i486                   Because reboots are for upgrades!
               -------> tjobrien@traveller.com <------

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