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smail & inexistent host

hi all,

I just installed Debian 1.3, and I used the suggested mailer, that is smail. 
It seems working fine until now, but for mail in which the hostname is wrong. 
Sometimes happens that I received mail to which I reply without even looking 
at the address. The problem is that smail kept the mail in the queue for 3 
days (maybe more?) without even tell me anything!! No errors, no nothing!
I just got them looking in the logfile!

How can I get my mail back with error in such a case?

I used the smailconfig script to configure it. I rely on a smart host to route 
my mail, and I received mail using popclient (I have a laptop ...).

If you need I can send the config files ...


Graziano Obertelli - aspirante palombaro

E-Mail: graziano@ucsd.edu
Lab's phone: (619) 534 9669

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