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Re: Solution to irqtune problems

This solved the problem.  Thanks.

On 4 Jun Martin Bialasinski wrote

	>I have tracked down the cause of the problems which were reported about
	>Apparently hwtools does not contain the most recent version of irqtune.
	>Using irqtune 0.5 will solve your problems.
	>I have addressed the package maintainer about this.
	>Two solutions:
	>1. Wait for the new hwtools package.
	>2. Get the irqtune 0.5 from the website.
	>   You don't have to recompile, just copy irqtune_mod.o and irqtune
	>   from the tar to /sbin . Then change the invocation of
	>   irqtune in /etc/rc.boot/hwtools from
	>   irqtune
	>   to
	>   /sbin/irqtune



C.L. Daugaard

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