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lpr: unable to get official name for local machine


Ever since I upgrade to frozen(May 25) I am having all kinds of problems
with name resolution.  Lpr is one of them, when lpd starts I get the
following repeated 5 times in messages:

Jun  3 13:35:39 widget-servis lpd[374]: unable to get official name for local machine widget-servis

I connect to my isp via dialup and us slirp to emulate ppp so I gave my 
machine a bogus name of widget-servis.

I didn't have any problems before with 1.2. Other problems include ppp, ping,
emacs, etc.  Basically anything that trys to do a name resolve when starting
or uses a name resolve.  I didn't change any of my hostname, resolve.conf, 
hosts.* files during the upgrade.

Any pointers please!  I am stuck using minicom and zmodem to download 
things.  It must me something simple but I just can't find it.

Mechanical Engineering				   servis@ecn.purdue.edu
Purdue University		    http://widget.ecn.purdue.edu/~servis

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