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Re: lpr: unable to get official name for local machine

Brian K Servis wrote:
> Help!
> Ever since I upgrade to frozen(May 25) I am having all kinds of problems
> with name resolution.  Lpr is one of them, when lpd starts I get the
> following repeated 5 times in messages:
> Jun  3 13:35:39 widget-servis lpd[374]: unable to get official name for local machine widget-servis
> I connect to my isp via dialup and us slirp to emulate ppp so I gave my
> machine a bogus name of widget-servis.
> I didn't have any problems before with 1.2. Other problems include ppp, ping,
> emacs, etc.  Basically anything that trys to do a name resolve when starting
> or uses a name resolve.  I didn't change any of my hostname, resolve.conf,
> hosts.* files during the upgrade.

This may be true. However, perhaps one of these got changed anyway.
Why don't you include them in your post. This would be very helpful.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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