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Terms and X

Ok.  In text mode,  I rlogin to a bunch of Sun machines on a local 
ethernetwork,   to do almost nothing but run pine.  Seeing as my standard 
term type ("linux") isn't recognized by the terms files on the sun 
machines,  I usually do a "set term=vt100" in tcsh on the remote 
systems.  Sometimes after I quit pine (again,  on the remote suns) my 
terminal is all screwy ... as if the local linux system now thinks my 
screen is only one line high.  Is this a local problem?  Does pine do 
something screwy?

Next question:  I've got X configured to run in 640x480,  and it's the 
only mode enabled in my XF86Config.  But the SVGA server insists on 
running in it's "builtin 320x200" mode.  Since this makes a single 80x20 
xterm window take up four virtual desktops,  X is unusable.  Any suggestions?

And how much would I need to download to upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3?  Just 
the core packages?  


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