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Help: Problem in setting up network

I am trying to connect my compute to a LAN in the lab.
The network card (NE2000 IRQ 03 0x300) works fine and is detecked by the
kernel. After setting up all the stuff (/etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf,
/etc/sysconf/network, ...), it still cann't recognize other 
computer when I use 'ping'.   However, I noticed that when
setting up, there is a message saying there is something wrong with
'SIOCADDRT'.  And in file /proc/net/arp, all  the hosts (gateways, 
nameserver) all have hw-address to be 00 00 00 00 . So, what is the 

Also, by setting the ether card, the mouse doesn't work anymore. Is
this because of the ether card (IRQ 3)? is there any utility to 
detech this problem?

Thanks very much for your help. I am really panic now. :(



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