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Re: fdos


On Sat, 31 May 1997, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> Ok, perhaps I'm dreaming, but I thought fdos was in frozen at one time.
> Now it's not ... I see that it's in unstable though ... this isn't a big
> deal as I'm just setting up a machine to play around with.  Can I
> install the unstable fdos into a frozen system?

Well, I tried fdos once, because it permitted dosemu to be istalled 
almost automatically (I thought).
It was far too unstable to be put in stable or frozen.
I'm not sure I was able to boot with the supplied diskette image, but 
sure it didn't run much dos applications (I fear I mean only games by 
dos application).

fdos is another OS. I believe it doesn't have to be compatible with the 
rest of linux/debian. You should be able to use is a a regular MS-DOS, 
even if your dosemu is stable. But I'm perhaps wrong.


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