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Re: Xwindows running finally!! what's next?

Ed Down wrote,
> window manager packages, then change the manager you want in your home
> directory ~/.xsession
Just to be complete, .xsession is for starting X with 
xdm and .xinitrc is for starting X with startx from 
shell.  What I did was to create a link between the

Important things to note is that .xsession must be 
executable before it can work else, xdm might bounce
back.  Also, note that .xsession does not inherit the 
user's login shell environment since it springs from 

Another thing to note is that the above are for local
customisation (user level) for system level, take a 
look at /etc/X11/window-manager.  For those who does
a little shell scripts, a look at /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
should be good.

> twm &
[background processes snipped]
> xterm -title "Measun10" -geometry 80x40+30+200 -ls

Just a little comment (for discussion).  Normally, I
will prefer to put twm (or whatever windows manager)
as the last process (let the others be background).
This causes the window manager, rather than other
processes, to be the anchor process, so that X kicks
the user off when the windows manager quits.  I wonder
if this is a good practice.

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