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Re: debian_user mailing list vs newsgroup

At 07:28 PM 27/04/97 -0700, mike horansky wrote:
>My take on this is completely different. Using Usenet instead of a
>mailing list is more efficient in terms of disk usage and probably cpu
>load as well (the sysadmins here tell me that our mail servers have
>much higher load spikes now that people are using lists). Using trn to
>thread articles is more convenient than using elm (a GNUS-user tells
>me that its threading and searching are not as good).

Sure - our mail servers here are much more loaded now than they every were.
 It seems that mailing lists pop up all over the place now relacing Usenet
discussions because it can literally take a week to get a reply through.

>If you don't like getting mail-spam, deal with the spammer or the
>spam-site. Specimens like this who abuse internet resources need to
>have their accounts or sites cut off, and that will only happen if you
>complain to their hostmaster or access-provider. Many of them respond
>to complaints. You may also have a sysadmin or security officer at
>your own site who is willing to do this for you if you provide them
>with the spam message (including full headers).

That administrator would be me :-)  And yes, I do email all the abuse and
postmaster accounts of their provider and in some cases of unresponsive
sites the providers provider.  Sometimes it's really favourable and I get a
'personal' reply saying that they've removed their account and the like,
but some just ignore and keep doing it over and over.

In any case, I think we're starting to get a little off-track.  Usenet is
slow and flooded compared to a mailing list and at least with a list if you
need help you'll get it withing 5-10 minutes if someone knows.

The good thing about a mailing list over Usenet is that with a mailing list
you can remove the offender forcing them to re-subscribe again where as you
can't get rid of them from Usenet (this has been the basis in discussions
of 'The end of Usenet'.)


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