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Re: debian_user mailing list vs newsgroup

At 10:23 AM 27/04/97 -0700, Jim Pick wrote:
>I remember reading somewhere that the gateway from the mailing lists
>to the linux.* newsgroups was shutting down.  Unfortunately, I can't
>find the message here anywhere.
>I suppose we could create our own debian.* newsgroups -- but I prefer
>getting them via e-mail anyways.

Believe it or not, it's actually a good thing IMO.  I've been replying to
users on debian-user and found that I suddenly receive multiple spam emails
everyday (and still are).  Posting things to Usenet with your real email
address is just asking to be put on the latest spam stuff for the rest of
your life :(  Thankyou to whoever shut it down :-)


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