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Re: [Fwd: Critical "Times" article on Linux]

Walt Tautz <walt@eddie..cis.uoguelph.ca> writes:

i hope no-one takes this silly thing seriously -- this is what i'd
call self-selective material.  if you're going to listen to rubbish
like this, then you're probably not the kind of person who'd be
interested in linux anyway.  in fact, i'd go so far as to say htis is
a reasonable article on these grounds: if you don't konw that this CD
he's referring to is a *completely different computing environment*,
and that things like backing up your disk, etc, are novel to you, then
this does the service of filling you in on these facts.

otoh, the personal remarks against linus, e.g., are just bizarre --
this guy has issues.

> Apologies to those who get easily insulted, but
> is the article in question. Perhaps this
> should not be posted.
> -W.T.
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