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Re: Critical "Times" article on Linux

I think David Hewson was spouting off about UNIX -- and about it's
renewal in Linux.  Until Linux came along, it is true that there 
was no AOL-style propagation of the unix variants -- and that's 
what worries him.

He's saying that marketing Linux along those lines -- tear it out 
of a popular magazine cover -- a fresh cdrom -- and destroy your 
world as you know it -- isn't a good idea.

I concur.

All insults he gave to Linux equally apply to SunOS, to NetBSD,
FreeBSD -- but Linux' popularity shows though the piece; in a
way, it's an honor to be singled out as *the* new unix-like

Thank you, Mr. Hewson, for this recognition.

I've been running Debian GNU/Linux for almost a year; before that,
a year and a half of Linux Slackware  -- and if you wanted to
pry it outta my hot little hands, you'd better bring along some
sedatives, and have some snappy dialogue ready.

The astronauts in the shuttle are in the same camp -- technophiles 
-- too.

Long live such folk, and the systems they bring to market.

But I agree -- keep Linux out of the magazine promotions -- don't
present it as plug and pray; present it as what to do when you
have completely mastered Ms-dos, Windows and wish a new challenge
and new rewards.

And new tools.
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