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Re: Critical "Times" article on Linux

I agree with you.  I also disagree with him.  Linux can be just as user
friendly as Windows and more, if it is setup by an experienced person.  Or
even a knowledgable person (even tho most of us aint good spellars).  I
think that most that come to Linux are as you say, tired of M$ and want a
challenge.  So we aren't a bunch of engineers.  Set up properly anyone can
use it and like it.  My mom uses it sometimes and knows nothing about

He missrepresents the abilities of Linux in his article.  That is what my
problem is.  Being a "Journalist?" he should have his facts straight.  My
X environment blows Windows v### away.  It doesn't matter what version it
is.  I beta tested NT 4.0 and removed it from my drive the next day.

With the work Debian is doing it won't be long before a novist can plug in
a CD and start working in a stable, friendly, Linux environment.  As long
as a person can boot it, get on the net, and get into a mailer to mail
this list, s/he, with patience, can go all the way with it.  As it stands

Allthough, I don't know if I would want my inbox filling with questions on
how to "cd \" or "del temp.fil" :)

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Christopher W Hafey wrote:

> I think David Hewson was spouting off about UNIX -- and about it's
> renewal in Linux.  Until Linux came along, it is true that there 
> was no AOL-style propagation of the unix variants -- and that's 
> what worries him.
> He's saying that marketing Linux along those lines -- tear it out 
> of a popular magazine cover -- a fresh cdrom -- and destroy your 
> world as you know it -- isn't a good idea.
> I concur.



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