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Re: Auto updating the hardware clock on shutdown.

On 12 Apr 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> I assumed that the hardware clock was always written to reflect the
> current system time on shutdown.  Is that true?  The reason I ask is
> because we just had the daylight savings switch here, and at least one
> of my systems came up after a reboot with the wrong time (it was an
> hour off).  If the clock is not by default written at shutdown, what's
> the best way to make sure that it is, an appropriate rc.d script
> perhaps?

man 8 clock

to learn how your hardware clock is read to and written from. You can run
it in your shutdown script.

I run it from a cron script that synchronizes to a timeserver first, my
system clock is 45 sec fast per day.

Also, you can can configure your system to use GMT on your hardware clock.
See /etc/init.d/boot  

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