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Re: Auto updating the hardware clock on shutdown.

Perry Piplani <netserve@bayou.org> writes:

> man 8 clock
> to learn how your hardware clock is read to and written from. You can run
> it in your shutdown script.
> I run it from a cron script that synchronizes to a timeserver first, my
> system clock is 45 sec fast per day.
> Also, you can can configure your system to use GMT on your hardware clock.
> See /etc/init.d/boot  

Actually I think I found what I was looking for in the shutdown man
page.  It looks like I want to add the hardware clock setting to
an rc.{0,6} script.

Just out of curiosity, why did my clock get out of whack when daylight
savings changed in the first place?  If my hardware clock's set to
GMT, and my timezone (US/Central) knows about the time change,
shouldn't it have been fine?


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