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Re: Debian 1.3 again

Not a complete answer but ...

I wouldn't recommend using /dev/modem link.  This makes it
more difficult to gurantee the uucp locking protocol.  Use
the actual device name instead.

Jean Pierre

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997 jacek@netcologne.de wrote:

> Hi again,
> It seems that the following devices are missing after the installation
> from the base disks:
> /dev/mcd
> /dev/mcdx
> /dev/modem
> I managed to create /dev/mcdx0 and /dev/mcdx1 by typing
> mknod /dev/mcdx0 b 20 0
> mknod /dev/mcdx1 b 20 1
> Is this correct...??
> But I don't know how to create /dev/mcd. I need mcd because mcdx won't
> read the superblock...I remember that in an previous installation some
> months ago only mcd worked with my CD-ROM.
> Man is currently not working...because I cannot mount the cd...the mcd
> is missing.
> Then I linked  the modem to ttyS1...or is it vice versa?? 
> ln -s ttyS1 modem
> Is this correct...???
> How do I create /dev/mcd and why are all the devices not created
> automatically...?? Someone told me, that this problem would be
> solved...but this was some months ago!

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