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Re: "dselect" replacement project ("deity")y

> > Yes.  Many have raised the issue of conflicts on install.  The answer at this
> > point is to run configure over and over.  Each time it will install something
> > that is needed to settle the conflicts.  The problem is that the selected
> > files aren't in dependant order.  Hopefully the new project will address this
> > problem.  
> Note that RedHat gets this right, at least on the initial install.  They
> prompt for groups of programs that generally would be chosen together
> and hide the ugly details unless you ask to pick individual items.
> It may be nice to individually pick every file on a unix distribution
> but most people have better things to do.  These days you probably
> can't buy a disk that is too small to hold a fairly complete
> installation. 

I don't know.  I was quite thrilled when I found that debian was giving me
the option to know more or less exactly what was going on my system.  I
used to run slackware and when I would do a find I would get 16000 +
files. I had no clue what most of the stuff on my system did.  Granted, I
ended up in more or less the same situation since I can't resist those
sexy little program descriptions Debian gives you, but it was still very
fun and informative.  I was of course less thrilled by the problems
mentioned above, especially the confusing way the dependencies are
presented.  I still am not exactly clear in my mind how that all worked
and why I had to overide some simple stuff to make other common things
work.  Nevertheless I think individual package selectin on install is
something we should keep, at least as a perfectly accesable option.  I
would like to see the energy go into that rather than a more general
packaging scheme.  I think more new users like it than you think. 

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