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Re: "dselect" replacement project ("deity")

[ followups trimmed ]

Leslie Mikesell:
> In that case it seems like the world would be a nicer place if
> you could mix-n-match things from different distributions easily.
> Unfortunately it isn't all that easy.  I'd like to have a system
> where everything knows about shadow passwords, the ndbm emulation
> uses gdbm, and a one-disk nfs installation works the first time.
> I tried several times (over NFS) and it never completed.  That was
> probably a month ago - perhaps it is fixed now, but I have RedHat
> loaded.  I'll try again on the next machine if shadow support is
> available by then.  What I'd really like is the ability to load
> .deb's into a redhat or slackware base.

Alien should be able to convert deb's to rpm's for you, if you download the
latest version from unstable. Shadow support is included in unstable, btw,
and will be in the next release.

See shy Jo.

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