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bug tracking system

Hi all,
I have a proble with the Debian bug tracking system.
I have found a minor bugs in some packages, and I have used "bug" to
report the error. But I have not received the automatical answer from the
bug tracking system. I like to know what's is wrong, and if the message has
reached the bug tracking system.
Meanwhile I report the (I think) bugs here:

gimp-smotif_0.54.1-5 install in /usr/lib/menu a file gimp-dmotif, where is
X11 Apps/Graphics gimp NONE "GIMP" /usr/X11/bin/gimp
but the directory /usr/X11 is not present in my bo installation, and the the
gimp entries in the menu is not present.

rxvt_2.20-3 don't run update-menus in the postinst script (it don't have a
postinst script), and the I must run it manually.

thanks for any answer

Francesco Tapparo

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