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Re: motif and X

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Kevin J Poorman wrote:
> Hi
> first the motif questions
> 1: where can I get the motif librarys ?

	Cheap*Bytes (http://www.cheapbytes.com) sells a complete Motif
2.0.1 development system (SWiM Motif 2.0 by LaserMoon) for $69.00.  This
is a VERY good price considering Motif for Linux used to cost nearly $200
a couple of years ago.

	I bought it and I am quite satisfied with it.  'Tho, if you've
never bought anything from Cheap*Bytes, you may be suprised by how they
really don't go all out in the fancy packaging, etc.  SWiM Motif came on a
single CD-ROM, in a plain white envelope all in a cardboard mailer.  And
thats it.  No manuals (manuals cost extra, but I saw PostScript Motif
reference manuals on the CD).  I also bought a Red Hat CD from them once
also, and it came on an all white, generic looking, CD-ROM also in a plain
white envelope all enclosed in a cardboard mailer.  But I'm not
complaining.  It's how they keep the costs down and how they can sell
stuff for so cheap.  Thier service is excellent and I highly recommend

> secondly the X questions
> when I type xdm absolutly nothing happens I just get a command prompt
> back and no processes are spawned... any thoughts ?

	Check the /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers file.  Check to see if you have an
X server defined for ":0".  

> when I look though /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fvwm95-2/ I see a program/module ?
> called fwvmaudio what is this? I think it is suposed to be used to bind
> sound bytes to events ?...

	Yes, it is.  You can bind sounds to window manager events like
maximizing and minimizing windows.  Do a 'man FvwmAudio' for more

> also I have afterstep and like it's look and feel my question for this is
> can I use the fvwm95 taskbar/startbar in afterstep instead of the warf?

	Well, I do know you can use the Task Bar from Fvwm '95 v2.42 and
prior with Fvwm v2.0.x (I'm using it right now ... 'tho I slightly hacked
it so I doesn't have a Start button anymore).  But since AfterStep is
based on Fvwm v.1.x, it is highly questionable if the Task Bar will work.
Note that starting with Fvwm '95 v2.43, they changed a few things so that
the Task Bar no longer works properly with Fvwm v2.0.x.  So it is very
unlikely that will work with AfterStep either.

> and finaly
> I have the menu package installed but when I run update-menus and then
> look at my startmenu there is no difference ... do I need to add a
> include statement or what ...

	No clue here :-(.  What is the menu package?  (I'm still using
Debian 1.1 with only a few of the packages upgraded with more recent

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