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motif and X


first the motif questions
1: where can I get the motif librarys ?
2: How much do they cost ?

secondly the X questions

when I type xdm absolutly nothing happens I just get a command prompt
back and no processes are spawned... any thoughts ?

when I look though /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fvwm95-2/ I see a program/module ?
called fwvmaudio what is this? I think it is suposed to be used to bind
sound bytes to events ?... 

also I have afterstep and like it's look and feel my question for this is
can I use the fvwm95 taskbar/startbar in afterstep instead of the warf? 

and finaly
I have the menu package installed but when I run update-menus and then
look at my startmenu there is no difference ... do I need to add a
include statement or what ...

Kevin Poorman
Kc5vxy@juno.com OR my web page at
><icthus>...this is a fish
Memory Fault.... Where Am I ?

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