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Re: motif and X

>>>>> "TT" == The Tick <S566@aacci.aacc.cc.md.us> writes:

    TT>  SWiM Motif came on a single CD-ROM, in a plain white envelope
    TT> all in a cardboard mailer.  And thats it.  No manuals (manuals
    TT> cost extra, but I saw PostScript Motif
    TT> reference manuals on the CD).

 You can turn those PS manuals into a very readable form with DEC
SRC's virtual paper software.  You can find it at:


... it works well; I bought a Zip drive just for documents in this
form.  You can browse around in a book with it really easily.  Press
'c' for the table of contents, 'i' for the index, and type a number to
jump to that page.  You can also search for things, and highlight and
paste out of books made with it.  I think I like the Lectern reader's
interface better than Adobe's acroreader.  You can get around a lot
faster than in a paper book.  It's got an excellent display. I like it
when you press 'z' and have it fill the screen.  It's sort of like
reading from microfilm at the library.

 I've got all of the X window's books in that form; waiting for when
I'm ready to read them.  The motif manual would be good that way too.

 There's no Debian package yet, AFAIK.  I don't know how to make them
yet either :-(, or maybe I'd look into doing it for everyone.

 Lectern is written in Modula-3, which is an important Internet
programming language.  Dr. Dobb's Journal just ran an article about a
distributed object system scripted with Obliq, which is another M3
program.  The w3 consortium talks about M3 in writings I've glanced
over...  It does things that java does; and did them first, I believe.
You can get it on Linux too; for free, at DEC SRC...

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@inetarena.com>
Portland, OR  USA
Debian GNU 1.2  Linux 2.0.29t
You tell me and we'll both know.  Or ask me again in a few years,
                and maybe I'll tell you then.

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