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RE: moving to bo/modutils


I had the same problem.  I recompiled the kernel without module support,
and installed the modutils without a problem.

If you comment out the module entries in the /etc/modules file the boot
errors will stop.  Just hope you don't need any of them.

I haven't recompiled module support back in since I put everything I need
in the kernel, but I assume that now that the modutils is installed I
could and all would be fine.

If your X colors look like crap you might have the wrong server or maybe a
bad config.  I had to make many mod's manually to the XF86Config file to
get my X looking good.  I'm 99% sure that the kernel has nothing to do
with the appearence of X.

On 06-Apr-97 Ralph Winslow wrote:
>Whilst upgrading to bo/Linux 2.0.29 I had a dependancy message that said
>that modules is superceded by modutils and said OK. Later had message(s)
>that kernel (current, I assume) is built with module support, so can't
>remove modules. Later still, during build of 2.0.29, I caught glimpses
>of messages that related to modules, but, since they flew by, can't give
>further detail now. The new kernel boots ok, but early in the process
>shows many errors (from depmod, I guess) that lots of modules stuff is
>missing.  My system had been hosed in a variety of ways before the
>upgrade (won't run Netscape, X colors look like crap, etc.) and seems to
>be working as well now as it had prior to upgrade, so, should I worry
>about the above, or just blow /etc/modules away and get on with it? TIA
Have a good one.

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