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moving to bo/modutils

Whilst upgrading to bo/Linux 2.0.29 I had a dependancy message that said
that modules is superceded by modutils and said OK. Later had message(s)
that kernel (current, I assume) is built with module support, so can't
remove modules. Later still, during build of 2.0.29, I caught glimpses
of messages that related to modules, but, since they flew by, can't give
further detail now. The new kernel boots ok, but early in the process
shows many errors (from depmod, I guess) that lots of modules stuff is
missing.  My system had been hosed in a variety of ways before the
upgrade (won't run Netscape, X colors look like crap, etc.) and seems to
be working as well now as it had prior to upgrade, so, should I worry
about the above, or just blow /etc/modules away and get on with it? TIA

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