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Re: Kernel recompile affects X display left-shift?

On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Nathan O. Siemers wrote:

> Is there anything in a kernel recompile that would affect how XFree
> performs? I have an AST ascentia laptop, 800x600 screen. The default
> debian kernel gives an X display that is shifted about 30 pixels to
> the right.  Some of my early recompiles (boot floppies) spontaneously
> fixed this problem.  Now I cannot reproduce the recompile conditions
> that correct this, and I don't even understand why this would even
> happen.  I've gone through about 15 different kernels in the past two
> days (trial and error) with no success.

Not that i can think of. This could be the reasons why it happens:

1. You move the left or right knob of the display screen. (It happens!)
2. You run xf86config command, and you changed the settings.

If it's no.2, then run xvidtune in an xterm window. That will correct the
shifting of the screen temporarily. If you want it more permanent, then
contact me for more details.

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