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Re: Kernel recompile affects X display left-shift?

"A. M. Varon" <andre@lasaltech.lasaltech.com> writes:

> On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Nathan O. Siemers wrote:
> > Is there anything in a kernel recompile that would affect how XFree
> > performs? I have an AST ascentia laptop, 800x600 screen. The default
> > debian kernel gives an X display that is shifted about 30 pixels to
> > the right.  Some of my early recompiles (boot floppies) spontaneously
> > fixed this problem.  Now I cannot reproduce the recompile conditions
> Not that i can think of. This could be the reasons why it happens:
> 1. You move the left or right knob of the display screen. (It happens!)

Don't think so. :)

> 2. You run xf86config command, and you changed the settings.

The thing is, I can pop in a different kernel boot disk and it changes
the horizontal shift of the screen, without me touching any X
settings. xvidtune (and a change to XF86Config) *has* allowed me to
shift the offending screen of the offending kernels, but I am still
perplexed as to how this can happen.  Perhaps it is a bug I should

> If it's no.2, then run xvidtune in an xterm window. That will correct the
> shifting of the screen temporarily. If you want it more permanent, then
> contact me for more details.


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