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Re: MC broken?

In article <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.96.970406033343.294A-100000@davidb.dial-up.bdt.com>,
	davidb@bdt.com (David/Bill Benjamin) writes:

> I have deleted the old configuration files, but that did not seem to
> resolve the problem. However, I did discover something: if I change the
> SHELL environment variable to anything other than /bin/zsh, it runs just
> fine. I normally use the zsh shell. Note that /bin/zsh does exist in
> /etc/shells, and that mc will run even if I put a non-existant program
> name in SHELL. It just crashes on zsh. I think this has something to do
> with the newer support for zsh internals. Should I just put "export
> SHELL=/bin/bash" in my .zshenv and forget about it, or what?
No, you should definitely write a detailed bug report to the MC
developers. They are very receptive for user input and do fix the
stuff you complain about although ready-to-apply patches are more than
welcome. Check out the MC site at "http://mc.blackdown.org/mc/"; or
write directly to "Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>".

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