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Re: ncpfs module and kernel recompile


	[light Suddenly dawns. This is a subtle bug].

	Remove the hyphen from the command line, like so:
 # make-kpkg --revision custom.1.0 buildpackage 

	I'll add the following paragraphs to all the documentation I
 can lay my hands on: Susan, could  this be integrated into the FAQ?

	Thanks for reporting a most interesting bug (I vaguely
 remember coming across this before, if so, I should have added the
 reminders all over the place).


	The revision number (the argument supplied after the
 --revision flag) has certain constraints: it may contain only
 alphanumerics and the characters + . (full stop, and plus) and should
 contain a digit. NOTE: No hyphens allowed. (Look at Chapter 5 of the
 Programmers manual for details)

	This is because dpkg imposes an ordering on version numbers,
 so that it can tell whether packages are being up or downgraded and
 so that dselect can tell whether a package it finds available is
 newer than the one installed on the system.


 Here is an Appalachian version of management's answer to those who
 are concerned with the fate of the project: "Don't worry about the
 mule.  Just load the wagon." Mike Dennison's hillbilly uncle
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