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RE: ncpfs module and kernel recompile


On 02-Apr-97 Peter Iannarelli wrote:
>Hi George:
>I do my kernel builds a little differently however they always seem to work.
>I'll assume that you ran the patch-kernel and got the updated modutils. I don't
>know if the modutils are an absolute requirement however the doc does say
>these utils are for 2.1.18 and above.
>After I run my "make config" or menuconfig or xconfig, I run make zImage. The
>readme in linux says that "If your kernel is too large for "make zImage", use "
make bzImage"".
>I've used both, they work well.
>Following that I do a make install. Everything seems to get copied into /boot.
>My filenames are "vmlinuz" as well. When the install asks if I want to run lilo
 I answer yes.
>Following that I go to the root directory rm the existing vmlinux and System.ma
p and re-link them to the newly installed boot 
image and map. ( ln -s boot/vmlinuz-2.1.29 vmlinuz and ln -s boot/System.map-2.1
29 to System.map). Then I run lilo again and r
>I know this is not exactly what the documentation says to do however it always 
seems to work.
>From:  G. Kapetanios wrote:
>I would be grateful for any help and ideas.,
>                                            Thanks
>                                            George    

Hey Peteer:

Using "make zlilo" does all of that for you.  And if I remember correctly "make 
bzimage is/was (it's been over a year since I've read about that command) for co
mpiling floppy images that are too large.  I have made kernels in the 800k range
 and never had to use any other command than "make zlilo".
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Date: 02-Apr-97
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